How many do you know about “Hybrid Wars”

Wargaming is on the rise again with the recently launched Hybrid Wars, available on Steam from September 29 for $17.99 as Standard Edition or $19.99 for the Deluxe version (few perks and a new hero).

Although this is not an MMO, Hybrid Wars will probably catch you from the very first steps, especially if you loved the 90s classic top down shooters.

For start the game offers 8 open world maps, three diverse mercenaries, over 150 objectives to complete and multiple game modes. Both single player and multiplayer version will be available on the release day. Besides single player, the multiplayer coop, where up to four players can wrack havoc on any map, will be the first mode introduced. Every multiplayer mod that will be added later will come as a free DLC.

The main characters of Hybrid Wars are:
Alex Carter (standard edition), a military specialist that can access a personal med drone that will save solder’s life on the battlefield;
Ivan (standard edition), a former mercenary and a mech specialist that can access a defense drone capable of restoring force fields and support soldiers in combat;
Jason Wood (deluxe edition), a cyborg with a support drone that can grab resources and transport cargo in combat.
To better understand what this is all about and why are we hyped about this title, check the trailer below.

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