I suck at JPs and even I can farm that thing in GW2

It’s ridiculously easy if you put the effort in. I do the thing on a freak of nature max sized Norn. If you cant do that thing 3 times in a month… C’mon… It’s easy!

The only guys I feel sorry for is if you’re disabled with one arm or something. I actually helped a guy out before with a vista that had one arm. As sad as it is, just like other games and life, if you have a disability, you won’t be able to do some things. Anet isn’t some store providing a ramp for wheelchair access. It’s a video game. They can’t really do anything for some of these people. People would lie and try to cheat through things. Hey I had the flu during Halloween and missed something, here’s my Doctor’s excuse, give me my cheevs and items please.

Realistically, Anet has some amazing support sometimes. Compared to some other companies I’ve dealt with. I’ve deleted items by accident, forged wrong kitten etc, they fixed it. This JP unfortunately they won’t and can’t change.

Winter Presense is a prestige item. It’s money + time + skill. Take away one and it’s 1/3 the item. Take gen 1 legendaries for example. Compare 2013 to now. Not so Legendary anymore.

First Halloween I wanted Ghastly shield skin. Spent a bunckittens, farmed etc, got jack kitten. Is that the way it should be? Sure they cost loads now but i’d never want them to nerf that for people who aquired them. I could buy one right now if i wanted but i prob never will due to being burned so hard with the key scam. It’s not the same.
Is it even special if every toon has one? without the money gate and JP thats what it would be.

Worry about the 10k drinks then the JP. Oh and the choir thing, it takes me days to complete a couple songs. Think freddy kruegar vs a chalkboard.

For the record, i’m willing to try and help anyone with the JP. The presents? most have trrouble with that. if there’s multipple people on the candy waiting for boxes to spawn, WAIT. Wait till you’re the only there if you have to. Take the middle route and spam space bar. Every now and then you have to jump on a diagnal one. The rest is simple and can be shown or watched in a video. Can use that same spot to catch your breath and take a brreak if arthritic. Me personally, I do better if i just keep going and go with the flow. Like a rythmn.

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