I would like to see an offline survival mode in Titan fall 2

I would like to see an offline survival mode, fighting increasingly difficult waves of enemies.

A bot mode would also be awesome.

I’ve already played through the campaign three times and although I enjoy MP very much, it can be a sensory overload at times.

I would like to just chill out and casually fight off AI and not feel bad for letting my team down because I’m too tired to play well.

Also, the offline part would help a lot for when I’m in business trips. There are some places I’ve been to a lot of times, nothing really left to see but the company still sends me there from time to time. TV is ****, everything closes around 9PM, and the internet is expensive and slow. I would really appreciate an offline mode during those times.
The complete lack of an offline mode is why I didn’t buy Titanfall 1 at launch. I got it discounted only after buying Titanfall 2.

Also, I really really hate always online DRM.

This is why I never bought Diablo III, this is why I re-funded Rainbow Six Siege.
Glad Titanfall 2 did not follow down that path.

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