League of Legends: I want to say goodbye

To many, I’m a nobody: I haven’t been on for more than a few hours since a loooong time ago, and only the old crowd even has a recollection of me, much less likes me. Still, there are a few people here who meant a lot to me in my time here, so I might as well call them out while I can.

Zastie: We never talked all that much, but we seem to both remember each other fondly. I knew you were somebody whom I could always count on to say hello when I came in, a friendly face no matter the time that I appeared on the forums. You’re dependable, funny, and a joy to be around, even if we haven’t been around one another lately.

Colonel J: J, I have no idea what to put here. GD may have considered you a ****poster for the majority of your time here, but to me, you’ve always been one of GD’s best residents. I don’t know why you’re obsessed with me, but no ****.
But seriously. You’re a good man, Colonel, and I’d hate for you to fade away with the coming of the new boards. Stay strong, and keep watching dem’ animes. (P.S. You still owe me a mangas 😛 )

Gigabreaker88: There are a billion things to say to you, but I’ll keep it short and say this. Thanks for keeping me tied to this forum through to the end. Keeping me up on politics, bringing me back every so often, and all that. You want more, talk to me IRL (you literally live 10 minutes away >.&gt.

CaptainMarvelous: Yes, I know he’s banned, and likely won’t see this. Still, after the passing of the now-mythical Iaw, the good Captain was here to lead us from the confusion into a new age of GD. As a fellow writer, I looked up to your comics and short stories with admiration; as a GDer, I laughed at your humor and your wit. You were the GD superstar that I needed, if not the one that everybody did. Thank you for everything you contributed to the chaos.

To GD: For all of you, remember this board. The forum itself may be vanishing, but the spirit of GD will never die. Even with a new face, I believe that GD will remain GD: The circlejerk, the ****posting, and the complaining will remain, but even those are part of GD’s charm. The schizophrenic mass known as GD will never die, as long as we remain to help it live. I’ve been here longer than the majority of people. I don’t even play League anymore more than once a month. But I have faith that GD can persevere.

Farewell, GD. It’s been a fun ride, and I’ll never forget it.

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