Maplestory 2 Archer Class – Rangers and Heavy Gunners


MapleStory2 Archer
MapleStory2 Archer

Rangers are a part of the vigilante group called the Green Hoods, founded by the legendary archer Hastur. The Fifth Captain Oscar monitors Henesys and the surrounding area. Tria and Henesys are geologically close, and there is seemingly a relationship between the royal family and the Green Hoods. There is a rumour that they are related to the royal family and carry out unofficial activities in secret, but it has not been confirmed.
The cool and precise Rangers show an innocent look when dealing with animals, and they are always accompanied by their eagle friends.
Weapon: Bow
Attributes: Physical, Fire, Ice
Stats: DEX, weapon attack, critical chance
Difficulty: 2/5
Heavy Gunners

Advance to become a Heavy Gunner via the scientists in Kerning City and Talisker.

MapleStory2 Rangers
MapleStory2 Rangers

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