Maplestory 2 Magician Class – Priests and Wizards


The Priest shares the teachings of God and was sent to the palace privately to help give emotional stability to others. With a divine aura, the Priest calms them and brightens their lives while staying at their sides.
Holding their Scepter infused with holy power and blessed scriptures given to them by God, in order to help bring the world salvation, many walk the path of the Priest. However, it is not easy as on
Ly those that are gifted with patience and unshakable serenity, as well as intelligence and quick judgement can meet the qualifications.
Weapon: Scepter (right hand), Spell Book (left hand)
Attributes: Holy, Fire
Stats: magic attack, maximum HP, critical chance
Difficulty: 4/5


MapleStory2 Magician
MapleStory2 Magician

Since ancient times, Ellinia’s fairies have stayed deep in the woods, creating their own world away from humans. But suddenly, the world was thrown into severe chaos and in need of their power. They opened their door slightly, and began to carefully accept adventurers who were interested in their ancient knowledge.
Humans who have acquired knowledge with the help of the fairies are referred to as Wizards. They throw themselves in their studies due to their desire to learn everything about the world. However, some get so wrapped up in it that they disregard everything and everyone else in the world.
Weapon: Staff
Attributes: Fire, Ice, Lightning
Stats: INT, magic attack, attack speed
Difficulty: 1/5


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