Maplestory 2 Rogue Class – Thieves and Assassins


Although some people know about the Assassins, very little is known about their existence itself. However, it is obvious that after the world fell into chaos and the Dark Wind’s leader Wynn Steelton had died that immoral and inhumane events that were not a problem previously have been increasing steadily.
Recently, rumours were spread about the Dark Wind, which was led by Wynn Steelton, that they had secretly trained Assassins for immoral actions in the name of ‘justice’, and many people who were mourning for Wynn Steelton were shocked.
Weapon: Pair of Stars
Attributes: Physical, Fire, Ice
Stats: LUK, weapon attack, attack speed
Difficulty: 3/5


Advance to become a Thief with the help of Jonathan Button in Kerning City.

MapleStory2 Thief
MapleStory2 Thief


MapleStory2 Rogue
MapleStory2 Rogue

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