MapleStory 2 Trailer! – Maple Monday

MapleStory 2 Trailer! So awesome and flashy with love and potatoes.

Again this is a new start of doom,at first this game will be as fun as the explorer-only version of maplestory1.Then suddenly new classes different from explorers will be made,and people will start only looking at the damage,not having friends, etc. Finally op classes are made like zero in ms1 and the whole game will be dead.

1:44that was pretty
1:45awesome so that was the official Maple Story 2 trailer and I gotta say guys
1:50I was super impressed on what I saw out but I was watching for the first time in
1:54another zone also Mon
1:56crooner so thoughts really quick
1:59the helmet seen was super awesome the hell came down he meant our business no
2:03play maybe a little bit a party
2:05button on your business party is is don’t obviously the mushrooms are
2:10adorable you to feel even more guilty killing those things now
2:14hopping around like they don’t know what’s going on overall level story to
2:17chura looked really good
2:19and I approve it was amazing if you guys wanna check out more Maple Story two
2:23things go ahead and go check out the official me the circular sale POS in the
2:26description below
2:27how to keep this label money sure because I wanted to show you guys made
2:3032 trailer
2:32they do apologize for this week short mabel Monday but nonetheless stay tuned
2:35for some able minus missions
2:36this has been a bogey have a glorious week quibble

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