Maplestory 2 Warrior Class – Knights and Berserkers


Advance to become a Berserker in Perion from the Red Wolf.


MapleStory2 Berserker
MapleStory2 Berserker


The Royal Guard, under the leadership of the Prime Minister Cal, protect Tria Palace and the area around it and act as guardians to the royal family. They are known for their incredible loyalty, chivalrous spirit, and excellent swordsmanship. The Royal Guard’s cardinal rule is to protect Ereb, it is of utmost importance to keep her safe from those who threaten her.
The Royal Guard’s elite Knights are strong warriors who defend their allies with a Long Sword and Shield. Their shields and armour, made with the lastest technology, is a collaboration between Tria and Perion. They are smelted by a skillful artisan from Tria using the finest minerals found in the nearby lava region. They are not on
Ly famous for their durability but also for their beautiful design.
Weapon: Longsword (right hand), Shield (left hand)
Attributes: Physical, Holy
Stats: STR, weapon attack, defense
Difficulty: 3/5

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