Might as well give a hard nerf to “play PoE”

Or maybe just make a % chance for good drops dependant on how much time you spent killing enemies in map?

Simple copy of rampage mechanic but count how much time you spend actually killing enemies? More time spent = more chance for good drops?

Speed clear players will get rewarded because they clear 10 maps in lets say 1 hour.
Slow players / builds will get rewarded too despite they clear 3 maps in 1 hour.

At this moment game just force certain builds if you want to have high amount of currency, force you to clear strand in 5 min, gorge in 2 min etc.

People who hate speed clearing and enjoy checking every gold drop get pretty much huge “d…” into mouth.

And yes, i hate speed clearing, it kills whole game atmosphere. And any chance to kill speed clearing is introducing more “volatile like” mechanics so people will care about monster mods and pay attention to actual game like in 1.1 / 1.2.

3.0 is a chance to go back from this “sick casual state” to old good hardcore H’n’S Path of Exile which every old player loved.

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