Minecraft: Detailed Russian Mountain Cottage

If you’re looking for a super-detailed build, one that summons feelings of both comfort and isolation, you’re definitely in the right place. Meafcraft built a Russian Mountain Cottage in the frosty atmosphere. We asked Meafcraft to give us the grand tour of a build that proves scale is irrelevant when you’re nailing the finer details.

“I chose this Russian design and setting because I’m a great fan of realism and architecture,” explains Meafcraft. “I always like to expand my knowledge of architecture and design to other themes and places and chose Russian architecture for it’s unique and beautiful design that you don’t normally see when it comes to Minecraft building. Nothing says ‘Russian’ more than cold winter and snow, so I thought it would be appropriate on the cliffs of a mountain range.”

It’s beauty isn’t skin-deep either, as Meafcraft made sure to pour as much effort into the cottage interior. “It’s a very simple layout following many traditional floorplans, yet the close space and levels are supposed to give a warm, cozy feeling, something you’d want in a house in the middle of a snowy landscape. Very wooden as well, with very ornate woodwork and floor/ceiling designs. This is to try to give the rooms a sort of antique aesthetic to add to the coziness.”

But why is the cottage all on its lonesome? Do the fine people of Russia not enjoy having neighbours? “Rather than having surrounding structures, having this build alone gives that calm vibe, especially in this setting. I also believe that having this build isolated makes it closer to nature, and nothing is more appealing to the human eye than nature.”

It’s a level of detail that shows how rewarding a smaller build can be. “Although larger builds can be grand and magnificent, building small builds lets the builder give purpose to every block,” explains Meafcraft. “Smaller gives you a sense of limited space, which also enables you to use every space you have to fill with purpose and meaningful detail.

If you’re not feeling cold or lonely enough, why not visit an isolated mountain cottage yourself? Actually, here’s a much better idea – enjoy more of Meafcraft’s great builds on his site.

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