Mu Legend: webzen deemed illegal items

It’s a bit of a reach to claim webzen was behind the store hack and insinuate that the only items lost in the store hack were those webzen deemed illegal items, because all kinds of items were lost. However, almost immediately following the store hack, illegal websites and fb pages have been selling more items than ever, and they are now even selling more variety that ever. Makes me think they have involvement in the hack too. I’d like to take this to the bigger picture. The majority of people involved in the black market and illegal websites come from China and some other countries in Asia. Mu online is very popular in China, however Koreans aren’t affected much by the black market. Why? It’s because they have their own server and ip blocked these asian countries so they can protect themselves. Mu korea still has a server and active community like the one many old school players remembers.

Webzen is running a business plan in which they maintain the Korean server isolated and protected and then they have invested into only one global server. They do this because they save money in servers and extra employees. Evidence of this is that there is only one legitimate GM overseeing all of GMO, very understaffed, webzen is trying to save money in employees and make profit from money events. Webzen is a publicly owned company with stocks, so it needs to maximize profit so that investors buy and hold on to their shares. They do this by saving the maximum amount of money so the rest can be profit and when finances need to be reported yearly they can display mostly profit to their owners.

With this in mind, the MAIN issue with GMO is the clash of differences in cultures. The Americas and Western Europe are often refer to as the “western world” because we do share many qualities and principals. Most of this hackers come from asian countries and not from the western countries. Asian countries like China, Philippines, and others (except korea because they live in their own and awesome server) are okay with cheating and hacking in order to sell it for money to western countries, who by the way has a stronger currency value than China, so that money spent on items is even more valuable over there. THE BEST SOLUTION would be to isolate North and south america and western europe, give them their own server and IP block China and other asian countries. I’m certain there would still be exploits in this new server but overall the western countries don’t have much of a culture for “hacking” and black market. There will always be black market, it’s just that China has taken this to a whole new level, they have people there that their only job is to sell items in the black market in exchange of western currency (dollar and euro). A standalone server for the west would help preserve the nature of the game.

Then again. Webzen won’t do this because it will cost them money and they barely get by as is. China and the rest of Asia (except korea) would have a very corrupted server that no one will play so the game becomes unprofitable for webzen and the black market sellers. This will hurt webzen’s profit and they risk losing stockholders in the Korean stock market.
Webzen needs to give us a stand alone server for The Americas and Western Europe, and IP block it from China and Asia.

My last point is to remind everyone that Webzen is aware of the situation of GMO, which is why they have attempted to promote new currencies in-game like ruud and bringing the value of zen again so that they can remove importance to the bless currency that China and Asia is manipulating. But this backfired on webzen so now they carry money events so we in the western world can purchase valuable high level items and that way catch up to what the black market in China already had. We really need our unique server for the Americas and Europe. Please webzen, give us our own server

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