NetEase Fantasy MMORPG Ghost Online to Launch Mobile Version Globally

NetEase is launching a mobile spin-off of its classic MMORPG Ghost Online. The mobile version will premiere on app store on August 18.

Ghost Online, also known as The Enchanting Shadow, is a romantic fantasy thriller based on a strange Tales from a Chinese studio by Pu Songling. Players explore a love story between human and ghost. One night, a scholar named Ning Caichen met an alluring young maiden called Nie Xiaoqian when he sought shelter in a deserted temple. They fell in love. Nie’s evil master war angry about her betrayal to a human, and tried to kill the couple. Will they escape from the evil master? In Ghost Online, the fate of the couple is up to the players.

Ghost online transferred the award-winning gameplay and aesthetics from PC to mobile. As for PVE, players will experience fast paced leveling and endless contents. Players may win rare equipment by completing special missions. You never know what may surprise you next. As for PVP, players can team up with friends for real-time battle. The most popular online gameplay GuanNing Arena opens daily from 8 PM to 9 PM. 40 players in two camps are pitted against each other. In this 20v20 battle setting, the goal is to occupy the highland, woodland and mine. Players can win bonus points by eliminating enemies or helping teammates.

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