New and Fresh-start Vanilla WoW Server Launches This Weekend

People who miss the vanilla WoW server (Nostalrius servers) will be able to play in a new and fresh start server starting January 7, 2017. Called Elysium PvP Fresh Realm, and commonly known as Project Elysium, the new vanilla WoW server is a reboot of Nostalrius servers which was shut down by Blizzard in April 2016.

Exact launch time hasn’t been announced, although it’s expected to be around the evening on Saturday (EU time). This new vanilla WoW is free to play and judging from the popularity of the previous Nostalrius servers, it’s likely that tens of thousands of people will come to play in the new server. The question is, are you coming?

You can register an account at the website and wait for the weekend, or learn more about Project Elysium there.

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