New Regional Guild Battle Format in Tree of savior

– Regional Guild Battles are making a comeback this maintenance under a new revised format:
1) Regional Guild Battles will be open for 3 weeks with intervals between each season.
2) There will be 2 Regional Guild Battle sessions per day, at 21:00-22:00 and 00:00-01:00 (see time zones below).
3) There will be new and unique rewards for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.
– Daily session time zones:
[NA] Klaipeda and [NA] Orsha = EST
[SA] Silute = BRT
[EU] Fedimian = CET
[SEA] Telsiai and [SEA] Varena = SGT

Potion of the Victor effects: Increases +100 attack, +80 attack speed and +5 movement speed for 60 minutes. (Cooldown 6 hours; effects removed when the character moves to a different map)

Remember that Leticia has a series of premium hairstyles available for purchase at the TP Shop for 50% OFF only until next week on March 7, 2017. The ‘Playing Cupid’ event is closing next week at the same time.

The bug fixed in this maintenance:
Invincible High Vubbe Issue Fixed
1) High Vubbe monsters will now take damage from attacks as intended.
Reviving Now Possible After Backmasking Attack
2) Characters that become incapable of combat from a Backmasking skill attack can now be revived as intended.
‘The Whereabouts of the Key’ Quest Item No Longer Disappearing
3) Abandoning the quest ‘The Whereabouts of the Key’ will no longer cause quest item Ruklys’ Document Chest to disappear.
Leaf Ornament Helmet Enchant Issue Fixed
4) Enchanting a Leaf Ornament Helmet item with an Enchant Scroll will now correctly apply the corresponding effects.

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