Nexon and Respawn’s Titanfall Online Is Coming out in South Korea

Nexon Korea has launched Titanfall Online official site and announced the first Closed Beta, or Frontier Test, will be starting in South Korea on December 15. It will last one week and allow players to check out the basic gameplay content and help the publisher test server stability. If you can read Korean and have a Korean cellphone number, you can try to apply for beta here before December 11th.

Similar to Call of Duty Online, Need for Speed: Edge, and Borderlands Online, Titanfall Online is a free-to-play game particularly for Asian market where online games and MMOs are very popular. Players can experience the iconic pilot and Titan combat and actions found in the series. There are 4 Titans currently available in the game: Atlas, Ogre, Stryder, and Destroyer. You can see their abilities in the videos below.

Atlas abilities:

Ogre abilities:

Stryder abilities:

Destroyer abilities:

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