Now that the wilderness is open to Player Killing?

You need to have completed jungle potion to chop the mahogany logs. Selling 2% off Runescape Gold Hot sale on Full stock & Safe & Fast. I believe it is for each 100 logs chopped , you have a chance at gaining a speacial mahogany log. If you have 2 special mahogany logs and the rest of your inventory should be regular mahogany logs. I recommend you bring signs of porter if you can to the mahogany trees so you can stay there longer while chopping.

If you guys want me to make on for NON member i can do that but it not the same amount of cash its like 300k per hour but when u are at 500k u can just stay kinda afk and just bank the items when them done. write back on this comment if u guys want me to make one. igot allready 1m for like 2 and a half hour after igot my 500k.

Heres a non member guide yew logs maple logs cockroach solders (maybe) limpwerth root runs (probably botched the hell out of that spelling :p) and thats all i can think of from when i was f2p.

I Honestly, can’t be asked to sit their, for however long, and cut mahogany trees. And you need those little sticks to even gain entrance to the area. Price is different everyday on every realm and faction depend on the demand and stock, for the most recent prices please visit Plus, you’d probably have to bring maybe a Graahk to teleport you to the Graahk hunting location to get back up their after banking(probably Shilo Village).

2nd of all, Green Dragons were profitable. But now that the wilderness is open to Player Killing? I don’t think so. Plus, they removed the clan wars area, so you have nowhere to run. Unless you can teleport quick before they tele-block you like a fag.

And lastly, that mining requirment is some bull shit. no thank you.

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