OverWatch New Patch Wishlists

My ana suggestion for reducing her healing was supposed to be like she had to rely on that healing buff to get her old level of healing back. And the fun part about her ult was the speedboost, i get that it’s a really good ult, but i really liked that speed boost, thats what made it crazy so dangerous, because it was so hard to lockdown and kill whoever was nanoboosted. Maybe a different suggestion would be to have her healing dart just heal slower, like you hit someone and the health comes in more slowly than it does currently. Whatever they do to ana it needs to deal with how bursty her healing is which is what makes her a mustpick currently over the other healers who heal much slower and dont have the same CC and damage and utility that she does.

Also I thought syms damage resets when you reload, it seemed to me like thats what it was. As soon as I reload it always seems like the beam goes back down to it’s damage from before, but maybe that’s just because she has a slightly lengthy reload. I just think it would be more of an interesting change to her to allow her to build up damage for a longer time (at a lower rate) and then hold onto that damage for a bit longer. Instead of just the quick 3 second burst up to 120 damage. I like the idea of having to slowly build damage until it gets to a pretty crazy amount, right now she seems to just melt everyone with ease.

And Dva currently has 400 armor and 200 health (i think), and im just saying it should be half and half to just slightly reduce how tanky she is, she just received a few buffs and it’s made her really strong, too strong in my opinion, but you’re free to disagree with that.

All in all I’d rather they buff more heroes to get on the same level as the overpowered ones, and then just change the overpowered heroes so that they’re a bit different but all in all more balanced, not just within the context of a match but as in all they’re abilities just function better together and in more interesting and intelligent ways.

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