Overwatch: the mentality of wanting to have fun

I totally understand the mentality of wanting to have fun and try out heroes or just run something unconventional, but when several players do this at once it ends up ruining games and resulting in stomps. Sometimes it just takes one person to ruin games.

I think it’s important to remember this is a team game, like some sports, it requires everyone to fulfill certain roles in order to be most successful. 6 vs 6 means that if 1-2 people refuse to help fill certain roles, you are essentially handicapped as a team. If the other team is fulfilling their roles well, you are usually at a severe disadvantage in team fights.

I don’t understand the mentality that spews profanity the instant you mention team composition, even if it’s not directed at any certain player. They say “it’s QP I’m just here to have fun” – which I understand but if you’re losing games and getting stomped, how are you having fun? I have to believe it’s some defiant counter when people say they are having fun during stomps just to keep from admitting their pick or refusal to switch probably hurt the game the most.

If you want to mess around, why not play against bots or in custom games? Why hurt the experience of 5 other players for your “fun”? I’m genuinely interested in hearing why people do this. I know you paid for it, it’s your game and you can play how you want but isn’t the point to win? And you win by beating the other team. The best way to beat another team is to have a strong team composition and be ready to counter pick.

It’s like someone wanting to play a pick up soccer game with some people in a park, but instead of playing forward, back or goalie etc… they just want to run around the field constantly chasing the ball everywhere, leaving a role unfilled at times.

The whole point of OW is to counter the other team. Quick play isn’t free play, it’s just not ranked – it’s the practice mode for competitive and leveling up. It’s there for you to get used to the way the game is meant to be played.

TL;DR: Why use quick play to “have fun” and disrupt the team experience for 5 other players when what you’re doing literally goes against the principle core of what OW is – a team game. Isn’t it possible to pick something to help the team composition and still enjoy your pick? There’s many heroes to fulfill whatever role is needed. If you want to practice with a hero or just play aimlessly, can’t you do that in AI games or custom? I’d love to hear people’s view points on why you or others do this so often… Thanks!

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