Path of Exile [2.6] Tornado Shot Build – Slayer Duelist

Then Mano, X Ask, what is the best Pro to build the estate HC (Ranger’s case, bow, bow shoots anything hauehauhe sniper)? Try a few out there, i found in the forum but morality and paper ranger huaehaueh, just like a sword, hammer or magic, then i wanna use it in the brutal use of the bow and let me mitoso beaches more and more famous TA Will play incredible KKK can spend the game early, mid-term games and other types of your channel and the only one I take the initiative to see the United Nations party members, and began to like the heart of this game is the most liar game.

As far as you are like the idea of ​​building, you can try to use the empty inclination with the witch, the mysterious scholar chaos is seriously damaged, and even the Necromancer uses the power of the arc to summon the minions. Anyway it is a very complicated build that needs enough head in the tree, but I like the challenge and I will try my best.

The path of exile builds up to the heritage of my council to use it. And do not care that damage is a hybrid … not necessarily 100 weeks% of the chaos … it does not need to reflect …. my shadow assassin or ranger cunning and dead eyes … or scion with Assassin and death eye between suspicion … any tips?

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