Path of exile 3.1 Templar Guardian Build

Guardians are a potent solution for support Templars devoted to partying, possessing passives that considerably benefit various party members. Even as a solo character, Guardians themselves can advantage from its choice of defensive passives.Within this Post PoeCurrencyBuy List Path of exile 3.1 Templar Guardian Build With Aura Support, Scorching Ray, Righteous Fire Gems For you personally

[poe 3.1 Aura Support] Party Jesus: Running (Just about) Each of the Auras With no Shav’S

This Build has played a Mana based-Aurabot in Prophecy and Essence. And while BM is terrific (should you can afford a Shav’s it’s certainly less complicated to play) This Build has grown located of Victaro’s Influence and the possibility it opens up.

+ Substantially Less costly than the Blood Magic Variant.
+ Reserves Mana and doesn’t let Unwavering Faith visit waste.
+ Nonetheless Manages 10-11 self-cast Auras.
+ Reaches 1600 ES/sec without having relied on Vaal Discipline, as a result avoiding to loose the “Stamina Battle”.
+ Adaptable.

– You must get ~120 Poe Chaos orb Resist. None Uniques will concentrate on that.
– Leaves only Space for 1 interchangeable Item: Gloves or Ring generally.
– The threat of silently bleeding out in the event you don’t watch HP or have Arcane Vision.


[poe 3.1 Scorching Ray] Pants On Fire! Llrf Scorching Ray Guardian Complete Video Guide Up!

This is a self-cast, reflect-immune, tanky build that also bargains great harm. This isn’t a 7M DPS speedy glass cannon build. If that is what you would like, exit this thread proper now 🙂
This build is meant to become able to do all content when also leveling and not abusing broken mechanics.
Yes, this build is in standard, and yes it incorporates GG gear. Low life builds are not price range builds. I enjoy life builds, but I really feel that LLRF Guardian will always be superior to RF life builds when talking about a harmonious blend of harm and survivability of RF.

This build will nevertheless be fine for sure in Path of Exile 3.1:
1%regen from oak
High-level of
Higher level stone golem
5%rdot pantheon
5%fire harm pantheon
2% regen on boots
6% regen from the consecrated ground (glove enchant and flask)
You could possibly also attempt another shield for lowlife, you can attempt spring leaf and get 6% regen from that.

Numerous options
The MoM nodes happen to be nerfed – but I never advised to take them anyway although they gave some superior ES. Use your very best judgment there

[poe 3.1 Righteous Fire] Demi’S A single Million+ DPS Safestlemon Low Life Righteous Fire/Scorching Ray Guardian

For all those of you that enjoyed strength primarily based Righteous Fire sOOOO Considerably you definitely wanted to min-max it to hell and beyond, This Build present to you this abomination of a tank :).

There are two strategies to appear at jewels. For maximum ES, or maximum DPS. I went for each.

DPS Priorities:
Burning Harm
Fire Damage
Damage More than Time
Spell Damage/Spell Harm When Holding a Shield (For SR)
Location Damage (For RF)

ES Priorities:
% Maximum Energy Shield
Int + Str/Int + Dex

Stats/Resists if you require them.


Typically, they may be not worth the trouble for factors that are sufficient inside the extended run. Even though they may be useful for players who may well know nothing at all concerning the game. For essentially the most component, they are mastering tools for beginners to ease them into the game. For much more Path of exile 3.1 Builds, you’ll be able to check out Just a reminder: you will get 5% coupon code for free from the reps in case you Get Poe Currency order from this article.

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