Path of Exile: D2 -> D3 -> D3:RoS

that may be one of the very few things i can agree with about D3.

D2 -> D3 -> D3:RoS

Gold, Runes, and Jewels started off as single click items in D2. Damn was that annoying.

D3 took a look at gold and said that really is annoying. thus gold pick up radius was made. you just ran over the gold and picked it up with a radius. however… gems were still a click click click sort of thing.

D3:RoS took a look at that and said rejoice all you lazy couch potatos, all you that dont want to develop arthritis (or already have it), and even those that just love your mouses too much to click it to death. the gems got that smart pick up. you click and any other of that type of item in the immediate area got picked up too. it was great.

for D3 loot these things worked great. i think that if we did have something of a small aoe around our character that auto picks up currency it would be great. there really is no reason for a smart pick up system as described above like is used in D3. about the only time you would really get multi drops significant enough like that is boxes. which if we had an auto pick up aoe you could just run past or around the box and it would do the same thing. right?

Got to look at psychology of addiction here. You get more endorphins out of an action that is rewarded rather than a passive reward. Might be a minor issue to you at this point, but the act of picking up loot is what got you where you are today… totally addicted to this game. You’ve moved on to stronger actions and are no longer feeling the reward for picking up wisdom scrolls, but it’s likely you’d not be playing this game if they didn’t start you out picking up loot. You just wouldn’t have gotten hooked.

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