Path of Exile: ZiggyD’s 100% ethical Mirror of kalandra drop

I know its a lot of work but iam currently using your how a build and its fantastic but its chaos hungry and i had a legue starter build but its not working hard to lvl and cant do more then T2 but lucky me i was able to get an exalt and it was enouf to build how a any wais can you make a legue starter build easy to lvl cheap and can speed run trough act’s.

How is 5500 life safe for uber lab? I got 1-shot for 6k damage by a mostly unbuffed izaro swipe attack (maybe a small few of those charges on him). I guess he’s all phys damage (unbuffed) so a bunch of phys reduction will make it safe?

Well I guess if it’s a totem build you don’t really need much life at all since you’re never going to get hit by much if you keep moving intelligently and have decent movement speed.

i have been 1 shotted with 8k life twice before and he wasn’t really buffed. Each time it happen he was just about dead (literally only a tiny bit left) and i was full hp then next thing i know i’m dead….granted i was also face tanking him but my build was able to handle it except those random 1 shots.

Stashes are kept indefinitely on their respective league. Standard League has its own stash, Standard Legacy League has its own stash, and vice versa for HC and LHC. When a HC character dies, only his equipment and everything that’s in their inventory will be moved to Standard. The only time a stash is moved is when its child League ends.

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