POE 3.2 Builds For Marauder Reference In Bestiary League

The Marauder is Path of Exile’s pure strength class, which signifies that he’s fantastic at taking hits and even superior at dishing out punishment. His melee skills encompass a wide selection of assault, from enormous single target damage to the devastating area of effect. This brute of a man bolsters his impressive physical arsenal with an assortment of shouts and cries, skills that rally his allies and strike terror into the hearts of his enemies. For those who are hunting for PoE 3.2 Marauder Builds, Proper here, On then you happen to be inside the appropriate location. Inside this Post, PoeCurrencyBuy Will share you Reference Marauder Builds.

[Poe 3.2 Juggernaut Build] Ahn’s May Juggernaut – Uber Lab Farmer – League Starter – Shaper + End Game

This build is viable in 3.2 and, if something, got some good buffs from the Juggernaut Ascendancy changes. Pending new uniques or any dominant passive tree adjustments the gearing, plus the passive tree in the build will probably be identical. The Juggernaut buffs give us some nice boosts in harm, defense, and utility which must make the build a bit smoother to play overall.

That is certainly a build that uses Ahn’s Might as a cost-effective signifies of carrying out harm. I began with this build in Abyss League and was able to finish the Uber Lab by day 3. As of now, this build has been in a position to accomplish any Izaro modifiers inside the Uber Lab and having the ability to carry persons via uber lab as well as the spending budget setup. With some investment, this build has been prepared to tackle the endgame content material including the guardians and Shaper. The most beneficial aspect would be the build you use to farm this gear could be exactly the same a single that you just use to map and take finish game.

Here’s what the build can present:
-Easy to hit 5.5k hp on lousy gear with 6k getting effortless to run having a tiny investment
-Relatively fast movement with Whirling Blades and evident speed for mapping
-Safe Uber Lab Farming with Endurance Charges and Fortify top to about 50% total physical damage reduction
-The capability to stockpile Poe currency to commit to another build (or this one)
-Can carry your friends and guildmates through Uber Lab
-This build works on a four Link but gets one of the most advantages of a 5 Hyperlink setup
-With the investment, this build can hit as much as 1 mil shaper DPS without the have to have of Abyssus

As for ascendancy, the only ones I would take into consideration expected are Unflinching, Unrelenting and Undeniable. Unflinching and Undeniable are evident in the build but I’d consider Unrelenting to be mandatory due to the 42% improved damage at max charges (49% having a +1 finish belt) as well as the 8% reduced elemental harm is taken (that is helpful ~2% to max res) which helps us immensely with mitigating elemental damage. The 25% to get max endurance charges is icing around the cake as this build must get up to max loads asap and against bosses, you can’t rely on acquiring hit to obtain up to max charges.
I went with Unyielding because the last a single for some harm improve as we’ll always have fortified up when attacking together with the rise to fortify which makes it overall a 25% reduction in harm as an alternative to 20%. The regen is icing on the cake and, although the 1.5% regen is not as well noticeable, is a fantastic quality of life with leech to assist sustain our health.
Otherwise, you might go with any of the other choices for the final ascendancy. I find that move speed does not have an effect on this build also much as you are going to be employing whirling blades to move around anyways, but this really is all based on preference.

Skill Tree: http://www.poeurl.com/bJBR
Pob Hyperlink: https://pastebin.com/MBXTah49

Instance Link: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2048886

[Poe 3.2 Juggernaut Build] Crit Tectonic Slam / Molten Strike Oni-Goroshi Juggernaut – Clear maps and bosses Rapidly!

This build revolves around the new exceptional sword Oni-Goroshi. The sword could be the only mandatory item but apart from that, you could use budget gear or scale into millions of DPS using a bit of investment. You may get the sword by either shopping for it or by farming it. The sword is constantly six linked, has more than 700 DPS at level 90, and also you can start out employing it at level 1.

Poe 3.2 has added Tectonic Slam and buffed ascendancy!
This skill synergizes perfectly with this build because of the built-in conversion as well as the truth that it has the same skill tags as Molten Strike (besides projectile damage). The new Juggernaut alterations make it so we pretty much often have endurance charges to expand. I never think any of your tree or support gems need to be changed at all, but I’ll update if necessary as soon as we learn extra regarding the skill.

I was contemplating switching these clusters around a few days ago, but I forgot to check if it was worth it. I just checked, and it appears like it provides a lot of accuracies and about 1.5% crit while only providing up to a tiny quantity of attack speed. Thanks!
Inc Crit Harm would be far better, but I would have to get INT on my gear to use it. In the moment all the things I use only needs one particular 30 INT node around the tree. If you want far more damage to bosses and never like performing the trick where you attack the ground a number of feet away from the boss, so Ancestral Get in touch with doubles up on projectiles, it is possible to use a weapon swap with Conc Impact in place of Ancestral Get in touch with. I don’t like working with Conc Effect for clearing mainly because the shells don’t go far enough.

Helmet: Molten Strike Projectiles enchantment, 70+ life, 200+ accuracy, resistances (30+ STR when you do not need the resistances).

Boots: Attack speed when you have killed not too long ago or life and mana regeneration when you have been hit enchantment, 70+ life, resistances not too long ago. (Movement speed not vital for Whirling Blades but you are able to get it if you want. 30+ STR should you don’t will need the resistances).

Gloves: (I recommend working with Oskar!) 70+ life, 200+ accuracy, flat physical damage to attacks, attack speed, resistances. (30+ STR in case you never need to have the resistances).

Rings: Diamond Rings, 60+ life, 200+ accuracy, flat physical harm to attacks, 20+ elemental harm with attack skills/fire harm, resistances. These will likely be high-priced.

Amulet: 60+ life, 200+ accuracy, flat physical damage to attacks, 20+ elemental damage with attack skills/fire harm, important strike possibility and multiplier, resistances. This will likely be quite costly.

Belt: (I suggest working with Darkness Enthroned!) 80+ life, 20+ elemental harm with attack skills, resistances, 30+ STR.

Physique Armour: 100+ life, resistances, 30+ STR.

Skill tree: https://goo.gl/89AMXG

Shaper Kill

Example Link: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2075047

[Poe 3.2 Berserker Build] 15c BF BoR Champion/Zerker- Shaper/Guardians/Red Elder & Guardians/Uber Lab/Atziri

The build is excellent on Berserker. I was waiting for the patch notes to let you all know if its dead or not as it relies mostly on Bloodseeker still having instant-leech and less on anything else. Given that it’s still alive, everyone can proceed to give it a shot. I do imagine shaped items are going to be considerably much more highly-priced now since everybody knows how powerful they are. I’d go with Relentless Fury as a stat-stick for clearing and Death’s Hand when you may afford it (need to be like 1 Poe chaos orb within a couple of days with the league).

With the patch notes, we now know that Shaper/Guardians are no longer immune to taunt. These adjustments everything. Let’s take a look at the exact same tree/items because of the 15c video overview but switch from Berserker to Champion:
Upgrade to a shaper stat-stick when you could and for those who cannot sustain both Blood Rage and Crave the Slaughter, get rid of blood rage. You do not require frenzy charges for clearing and for bosses you may have frenzy anyways. Ascendancy points remain the same.

Offensively we get just under 100k DPS with exactly the same setup.
– We have 100% opportunity to hit, as well as the build becomes cheaper as you don’t ought to worry about accuracy on gear at all.
– Enemies are permanently intimidated for 10% additional harm
– Enemies are permanently taunted for a different 20% extra Damage.
– We always have adrenaline up because as you are all effectively aware, we hit low life pretty darn often. That’s one more 100% increased harm, and 25% enhanced attack speed.

– We usually have fortified up already from whirling blades, so we get from that an extra 1000 evasion and armor as well as stun immunity so we can go for the decreased reflected harm Pantheon rather. (also adds some damage)
– Adrenaline gives us 10% additional physical harm reduction
– Regenerate 2% life per second since we permanently taunt
– 6% reduced global damage taken since we were permanently mock.

We still leech 31k life/second, and I tried testing if that’s adequate by removing ascendancy nodes entirely from my additional costly setup which brought me to a lower general DPS than the champion build and lower life leech. I tested Shaper like that, and I killed him deathless whilst testing stuff like face-tanking his beam, so I do feel our life leech is far more than enough without berserker. This can be the only reason I’m not making the full recommendation to switch over though since I won’t know for sure if it’s adequate until I play by means of with the total ascendancy. But I feel it’ll be fine, and I’ll update when I know for sure.

PoB Link: https://pastebin.com/yvGJE6q2
Skill Tree: https://goo.gl/euGHbh

Example Link: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2050203

[Poe 3.2 Chieftain Build] For Chieftain – Ngamahu Overloaded (An additional Ngamahu’s Flame Cyclone Build)

Poe 3.2 modifications to Chieftain pretty much make it perfect fit for Yamaha Flame, so I decided to make a build for it utilizing Elemental Overload. Resolute Technique skill trees are included in the guide for league starter.

Yokohama War’s Herald is definitely the superior choice due to the fact it tends to make Protector/Warchief totem behave like Decoy and they reflect 15% of maximum life as fire harm when hit by the mob.

Tawhoa Forest’s Strength generates endurance charges on kill and Red Dream jewel will be in a position to replace it quickly.

Fortify is enormous regarding QOL by ensuring superior survivability.

You could switch Fortify with Fire Penetration, Added Fire, Opportunity to Ignite or Faster Attack and have Fortify linked to Leap Slam. I know of many players undertaking that when they played the Slayer version.

The main drawback is that you simply have to use Leap on packs to ensure you continuously have fortified buff. It is not a playstyle for everyone.

Melee Damage on Full Life is not a good option for Chieftain (it is better for Slayer) mainly because of inconsistent uptime.

Skill Tree: https://goo.gl/AfoYc5

Example Link:http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2092338

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