POE: Atziri Guide

Great guide overall and very helpful to new players! I love the style of your guides, they are some of the best and easiest to understand I’ve seen for poe.

However, there is at least one mistake about the Atziri fight itself, in that the big Flameblasts do not occur randomly. One of them always centers on atziri and the other(s), as you said depending on the player count, are centered on each of the players location at the start of the cast.

Also I think Atziri doesn’t reflect Blasphemy curses, since they don’t get cast on her, but simply apply, but i’m not 100% sure on that one.

It’s interesting to note, that in the splitphase or third form, the copies are not imune to all status ailments. All of them are imune to freeze, the spear copy is imune to bleed, flameblast copy is imune to ignite and stormcall copy is imune to shock. Because of that I like to target the spear copy on elemental builds since it can be shocked and ignited.

Something that is worth mentioning is that temportal chains on atziri slows down her storm call cast speed, but not the duration of her storm calls. Which means that with a high lvl/curse effect temp chain storm calls can appear and almost instantly explode, so you wont have time to dodge.

Excellent guide! About as comprehensive as it can get, down to mechanics and possible strategies. Pretty much spot on, though as pretty much everyone else has noted, curses on blasphemy are not reflected.

Practice the Apex a lot and be ready for failure! Uber is a very difficult fight as most of the moves from all of the bosses can one-shot you. Try and get down the mechanics, timings and keep cool, not panic chugging flasks. Besides that, having very high dps makes it such that you can avoid many of the mechanics by just pushing her past her forms as seen in the conclusion of the video.

The Ethereal can only drop within the apex (lv 70 versionb) and not thru the alluring abyss. Second you might want to add that atziri is empowered by quite a bit inside the alluring abyss as she will have much faster attack and cast speed, making split phase a lot more hectic than the apex.

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