Revelation Online CBT2 Date Revealed!

After completing its First Closed Beta Test, Revelation Online finally announced the date for its Second Closed Beta. CBT2 on December 20th, specifically, December 20th to January 3rd, 12:00 CET (3am PST).

We’ll be giving away CBT2 codes next week. Make sure you come back for it.

Please take note that as per previous news Revelation Online CBT Delay Compensation, those who are able to participate in CBT1 will also be given a automatic pass for CBT2.

“Any player who has received access to CBT1 by means of beta key giveaways, events and/or built-in lottery will have his/her access extended automatically to CBT2 testing, which is currently slated to happen later this year. In a way, we exchange the time delay into more testing time of more advanced content and we hope this will please those that may have missed the opportunity to test due to the postponement of CBT1.”

Another thing to take note is that preserved the data from Closed Beta Test 1, which means you may continue playing and progressing with your CBT1 characters!

The news also contains additional information for Localization, Client improvements, Memory Leak and showcase a new trailer for the loveable SpiritShaper class.

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