Revelation Online: Different Classes Analysis

To Revelation Online, there are a few impressive numbers at the end of the closed beta phase. In there, you can tell her which class was the most favorite and which was the least played by RO players on pandas and how high the corpse was in PvP.

Revelation Online has completed three closed beta phases and has become more and more extensive over the course of these tests. The developers gathered hard now information and feedback and created from it an overview, in which the crassest numbers from the RO betas are to be found.

Revelation Online: The most popular classes – Sense beats armor

The infographics explains, for example, which classes were popular. At the top are still the senses swinging occultist and the sword-conjuring Swordmage with 18% each. The cool Gunslinger stands however with 17% just behind it. Equally happy were the players with the Spirit-Shaper. The Blasteraster as a typical sword Futzi was there with 16 per cent already somewhat less popular. The final light is the tank Vanguard. Only 14 percent of all RO players wanted to play the thick armor carrier.

Most of the heroes created were also found in the cities of Sulan, Sidus Ur and Port Whetstone. There should also have been teetering with panda bear accessories, because a proud 42 percent wanted a panda as a reward from the “Emerald Falls”. The “luck carnival”, on the other hand, was a mere 11 percent of all players.

Over half a million dead in PvP

The impressive number from the beta of Revelation Online is certainly 615,465. This number of players was beaten, hacked, or cremated by other players in PvP. But not only other players were responsible for many dead characters. Also the three bosses Demon Urgon, Clawmaster Buri and the Scarab Titan had a lot of players on the conscience.

On the other hand, thousands of bloodthirsty players let their anger go, slaughtering thousands of weak beasts. In particular they had the harmless sedgeings, the noble Muskhorns and the rather disgusting Corpsehounds.

The Open Beta and thus the soft launch of Revelation Online will start on 6 March 2017. What will you play?

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