Revelation Online : Free To Play Fair Pay To Win Disgusting?

People are a franc, when it raises the publisher’s poor practice, but it is the first time to cry when they play two weeks after the death of who does not like it. I also like to play RO, but that does not stop me from opening my eyes in some way, but I reviewed at least 3 times in the video.

I have not been able to test the game DL .. I understand your point of view, but it’s still a beta version? Maybe they are testing different things and incorporate important ones. I think this is an early judgment game, even if I agree with your economy. I think it would be best to make a balance of 6 months, for example at least I learned a lot of things that you started to thank you.

Yes, but this is my first F2P MMO level, and I totally disgusted with the shop’s policy because it was very good at the beginning and they should leave her look, as you said they might complain about losing Most of their players. I do not want to support such a game, which is predictable given by the editor, you do not forget to mention (I am just studying), but this is my first F2P so that I choose to support and I think again.

You exaggerate a little, I almost do not use the shop because I was in the game, very little, I attended the store, it was with the game currency, it was not I was not prevented from the top level. As long as there is a good guild and manage a little bit, you do not pay a dime.

There are not so sacred and Azure’s attention, red votes, pieces of bronze craft items at the exchange rate nice this cool, they are in the store, but another they are reserved for the players who have the cash shop, it gives them a Considerably appreciative charm

Efficient short, i know you say it is not a video rinse basin but reflected in your tone I found that I understood that this drunk to see MMO spoiled so! Especially because they are there to pay even if finished the game! You really care about the players’ mouth … it’s a shame.

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