Revelation Online House System Preview

Revelation Online Chinese version will soon receive an expansion on August 18th. I’ve introduced the Kabe Don social interaction gesture to you and today I am going to bring you the biggest highlight in this expansion – the house system!

Live and play together with other players

The mysterious inn in Revelation Online has been renovated and is open to all players. There’s a lobby in the ground floor, which is the road every player would get pass to their home. 9 rooms are located in every floor. Players can social and interact in the public area in each floor and they can even invite their friends to their rooms. Every player has 5 keys which can be given to other friends so they can visit each other and maybe live together.

High freedom in the house system

Players can choose 2 completely different decoration styles and they can choose the room sizes freely. House system is said to be with high freedom. 160+ furnitures will be added in this expansion. More importantly, game designers are devoted to making those furnitures interactive, such as the massage bathtub which can accommodate up 5 players; 3 man big bed etc. In addition, to encourage sociability, those furnitures won’t be sold in the cash shop but instead, players can obtain them by life skills and events. Moreover, a big fitting room will be available for players to show their costumes.

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