Revelation Online’s New Ultimate Abilities for All Classes


Cast a spirit that can heal a target for 300 seconds. At the same time the spirit itself channels an area healing spell that heals the allies around for 30 seconds.


Significantly increases self and allies’ (in 30m radius) max HP while heals some HP for 5 seconds. This ultimate skill can be used when Vanguard is affected by enemy’s control skills.


The spinning blade can deal large amount of damage to enemies. Blademaster immunes all damage when he uses this ability.


Boosts self and allies’ ultimate charge speed. The level of the ultimate ability will affect the charge speed.


Shoot 3 missiles to greatly damage the targets and make them bleed. Immunes all damage during this process.

Occultist’s new ultimate includes 2 hits. The first hit seals the target’s ultimate ability for up to 10 seconds, and the second hit deals a lot of damage to the target but unseal its ultimate ability.

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