SkySaga: Coliseum Shares on video and screenshots share

SkySaga: Infinite Isles is 3D voxel based sandbox MMO where each player is given a personal world to customize. Mine blocks, craft new gear, and adventure across an endless number of randomly generated isles solo or with a group of friends!

Smilegate has just completed second build in Skysaga and made a huge coliseum! Here is the first video update online.

This build is huge, containing tens of thousands of blocks and has a decorated interior to explore as well. It was intended to be a pvp map but now I may go back and add in some animal cages for an intense fight when I have the funds!

I just wanted to let you know that I have now added not 1, but 2 bears to fight in the coliseum, I’ll be displaying it in my next video but basically if you go to the coliseum you’ll see a little switch in the fighting area and if you turn it on, two bears will just keep spawning. You can turn it off again to prevent them spawning.

Here are some screenshots:

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