Skysaga Input lag on dodging


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So in games like this I prefer a style of parrying and riposting, or if that isn’t a thing then dodging and counterattacking, or if that isn’t a thing then dodging then attacking. In this game, it’s dodging then attacking unfortunately, but at least there’s a dodge, right? But anyway, dodge, attack, rinse and repeat. Or that’s how it would be. It went like this:
Okay, how do I dodge… Double tap left or right like in most games? No.. Press jump then back or sideways like in dying light? No… Hold shift and a direction? Oh no, that’s run, okay. So I google it. Apparently it used to be double tap a direction, but for some reason, to dodge now you have to …double tap shift and a direction, what the…? …Okay, fine, I’ll write an AutoHotkey script. A few minutes later I’m back and thanks to my new script, pressing shift once triggers dodge instead, yay. Finally, a normal way of doing it. O… Oh. Oh hang on. I press dodge and nothing happens for about half a second, THEN I dodge. I guess the script is causing input lag, I’ll just have to suck it up and get arthritis, whatever. I turn off the script, and… It’s the same. It doesn’t… dodge, By the time I’ve dodged, I’ve been hit! What the hell is the point then?! I’m gonna go complain on Reddit…
And now we’re here.
TL;DR: Dodging doesn’t work AT ALL, too much input lag or something.
What I really want to know is is this a common problem, or because it’s in alpha? Or is it just me? I couldn’t find any mention of it online, despite googling it in every way I could think of. So yeah… Help?

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