Some feedbacks for a better Overwatch

Remember that 100% means the real version instead of doubling in custom server. My custom server balancing:


-Biotic Grenade Ability Cooldown Time: 120% (so her grenade goes on cooldown 20% longer)
-Damage Dealt: 70% (30% lower damage gosh they should add a negative slider to make things less confusing)


-Scatter Arrow Ability Cooldown Time: 130%
-Sonic Arrow Ability Cooldown Time: 70%


-Amp it Up Ability Cooldown Time: 80%
-Healing Received (assuming it’s just from passive healing aura mode -want to strengthen Amp it Up’s heal to compensate): 65%
-Projectile Speed: 120%
-Damage Dealt: 105%

Reasoning-Amp it Up takes long to get off cooldown and considering the healing nerf I needed to go for more frequent mini bursts of healing (or more frequent speed boost) without making him immortal. Speed and decent passive HoT is a very survivable combination and I know all too well from either end. A good Lucio should rely on their mobility to survive yet not be completely helpless when fighting an enemy so I raised the projectile speed by 20%. Sure it’s still inconsistent but its closed ranged consistency increased.


-Damage Dealt 105%


-Damage Dealt: 80%
-Photon Barrier Cooldown Time: 130%


-Barrier projector Ability Cooldown Time: 75%
-Damage Dealt: 103%
-Healing Recieved: 110%


-Projectile Speed: 105%


-Movement speed: 115% and wow does it feel drastic lol. Next round I’m going to test 110%.

Reasoning: McCree has some nasty dropoff and while maps tend to be closed enough not to worry about it he can close the distance and have greater control in the spacing game compared to Soldier.


-Chain Hook Ability Cooldown Time: 150%
-Take a Breather Ability Cooldown Time: 130%


-Movement Speed: 120%
-Projectile Speedd: 125%

Reasoning: Firestrike is still very much avoidable while the movement speed ensures he’ll be fast enough to get in front of 76 and McCree in time to shield them and get back to the objective in time.


-Grappling Hook Ability Cooldown Time: 70%
-Venom Mine Ability Cooldodwn Time: 70% Feels way balanced. No Kappa Required because I mean that non sarcastically ^_^

Overall I’m finding I need to tweak McCree’s speed down somewhat and Lucio’s damage feels more consistent without taking too long to kill, but still long enough to feel balanced. I only tested vs. Hard Bots however.

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