Some Suggestions for Widowmaker in Overwatch

It is true that he *can* oneshot zarya, but you can’t do that consistently.

Widowmaker can oneshot all of that except zarya and i think bastion because he has armor which should leave him with 5 hp.

Widowmaker doesn’t have a 6 seconds cd on her shots.
Widowmaker doesn’t have a range limit on her shots.

It does take more skill to oneshot somebody as widowmaker, but heroes will always take different amount of skill.

Anybody who played against decent widowmaker will confirm that the amount of pressure from her is far greater than the amount of pressure from roadhog. You usually know where he is because he is big and make loud noises when he walks. Widow is always “somewhere there”, she can quickly change positions and sometimes you won’t notice that. She can jump high enough to be able to shoot *above* reins shield.

Blizzard are going to:
1) Make it so you can consistently save your teammates from roadhog with defence matrix.
2) Buff bastion, which in the end might become one of heroes with high pressure against roadhog, and/or against rein, behind shield of which roadhog usually stays.
3) I also believe that they will somehow buff Mccree because he is underperforming. May be reaper, too. Both of them are pain in the !@# for roadhog unless he manages to hook them, and they both have tools to deal with hook.

Reasonable step right now:
– Wait for PTR patch notes.

Not reasonable step right now:
– Keep whining.

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