Some things you shouldn’t do in No Man Sky

1. If you’re running out of plutionium, there’s a way to fix that, first – go to Space Station – buy plutonium from the galactic trade station.
1.1 Fly around the planet and land ONLY on landing pad or next to landing beacon – if you land there you don’t need any plutonium for the lift-off + if there’s a base with landing pad there’s a galactic trade station as well – buy all the plutonium there.

2. Life Support is easy to resolve as well – find a dead planet or a moon and you’ll have a thamium heaven, I got 1500 thamium on one moon in like 2 minutes – and that’s nothing because dead planets have thamium everywhere. Never again I had a problem with life support.

3. NEVER EVER recharge ANYTHING with plutonium/thamium if it can be recharged with carbon, and mining laser/bolter/granades all can be recharged with carbon.

4. Every planet has plutonium, it’s just very rare – thus survival, so if you don’t land EXACTLY where you saw plutonium it might be hard to find it and if it’s an extreme sentinel planet – well you can get ♥♥♥♥ed, I didn’t honestly have problems with that, but if you can’t get to outsmart sentinels I suggest doing what I said in 1.1. – but I got you a tip for that in the next part anyhow.

5. If you’re dying from sentinels, just run in one direction towards the next “?”, sentinels won’t shoot you in the back, they’ll run after you as long as you don’t let them properly detect you, but you can keep doing that forever and I was outrunning them np every time.

6. Depending on the planet, if you’re spriting a lot or using jetpack – your life support is going down faster. As in:

When you’re walking – you’re draining it with one arrow – <
When you’re sprinting – you’re draining it double – <<
When you’re using your jetpack – you’re draining it tripple – <<<
So avoid sprinting/jetpack if it’s not some life threatning situation.
To run fastest as possible on extreme planets, use sprint and spam Q (melee) to push you forward and to cover even greater distances. You can do that with normal walk + Q spamming as well.

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