Soul Hunters Developer Lilith Games Announced 6 New Games

Known as the developer of famous mobile card game Soul Hunters, Lilith Games today announced a strong new game lineup that included 6 new titles at the media conference called “Next Game”. Read on to see what Lilith Games created in the past 2 years.

Abi is a puzzle solving game for PC, console and mobile platforms developed by Lilith Games. Abi is the name of the game’s protagonist, a robot serves children. One day, when the last human in the world modifies himself to a machine to pursue immortality, Abi starts to think why he even exists. The game is deep, sentimental, hoping to reach the deepest place of players’ heart.

Abi is developed by an indie studio owned by Lilith Games. The team created an animation for each character to enrich the game’s stories.

The game will launch on PC, mobile devices and consoles simultaneously in 2017.

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