TERA (KR) Announces Musa Class, Arriving On December 22nd

Today, Nexon released a teaser trailer for TERA, showcasing a new Musa class. The video shows Castanic female character executing a fast pace and stylish melee combat by enchanting the Lunar Energy on Crescent Blade.This class decimates their enemies by inflicting the Traces of Moonlight (Lunar Scar) by using Lunar Energy. The class will be playable on December 22nd in Korean server.

She attacks by spinning along with her long spear as if she is dancing, using a spear-like weapon: Glaive. The weapon is inspired by Green Dragon crescent-moon blade which appears in Romance of Three Kingdoms. Compared with existing characters, the new Musa class can give ATK speed buff and increase ATK damage for her teammates.

Reaper, Gunner, and Brawler are exclusive to certain races in the game. What do you think about the upcoming Musa class? Will it be exclusive to Castanic?

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