TGC 2016: MMOFPS Transformer Online Debuted VR Mode

Tencent Games Carnival 2016 (TGC 2016), kicked off in China today. Tencent, China’s largest video game publisher and developer, brought VR experience for some of its upcoming titles this time. At TGC 2016, participants can enjoy Rising Fire, Maple Story 2 and Transformer Online in VR.

Transformers Online, the licensed Transformers competitive shooter, is the most anticipated one. The tutorial is imported into VR mode, showcasing advanced graphics. According to the official announcement, they have already sacrificed the graphics to make players feel more comfortable while playing the game in VR. That is to say, we can expect a better version in PC.

Teamed up with EPIC Games, Tencent combines Unreal Engine 4 with a brand new next-generation modeling to provide fully graphic display.

As the first MMOFPS in VR, “Transformers Battle” will allow players to immerse in the Sci-Fi world, enjoy ranged weapon and a melee weapon at the same time, and transform to vehicle forms.

Transformer Online will be a 3A title and the closed beta test will available on January 12. If you’re interested in the game, please head to official page to pre-register the game.

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