The Building System of Conan Exiles

As much as I like the building system in CE than I do ARK (which, it wouldnt be as half as good if it wasnt for the modding community!) But CE does have a ways to go to refine building mechanics.

I think two of the biggest problems for me is, you cant control moving between snap points well at all!

The constant jittering at times just trying to get a piece to snap can be a bit frustrating! It would be nice to see another “key+mouse wheel” added. to move between snapping points and then using current rotation and height controls once the snapping location is selected.

The other is when pieces just dont want to snap in place at all and you get the cant place here warning for no reason. I only usually get this when trying to snap a wall between two already standing walls! It happens more with the triangle and slanted pieces.

What would be nice to see later in the building mechanic is a preview timer on pieces already placed. You just placed a set of stairs down and realised you put them in the wrong place….no problem, you have a 2 minute preview timer to relocate a piece or store it for later use. The timer resets everytime you pick up a piece. Once the time is up, the piece is set till you demo it…..

I was for being able to “re-use” building pieces, but I think now there should be some consequence for the choices we make when building… a preview timer, imo, is a better balance between those consequences and simple mistakes…..also, to preview a piece gives us a chance to see what it really looks like placed, but also give us enough time to decide if it should stay or go.

I think in the long run, Funcom will give structure building a substantial leg up and take it a bit beyond the simple design that it is now,

But I dont expect them to spend a huge amount of time turning it into an episode of “This Old House” where every option in the book is given to you.

I do see the Modding community stepping up and bringing more innovation to building structures.

Im hoping that if the mods are popular enough, that Funcom will entertain implementing these mods, possibly, in their Official servers, much like ARK did! Which ARK wouldnt be as innovative today, if it wasnt for the Modding community!

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