The Exiled Hotfix 1.0.1 update

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The Exiled is a PvP-centric MMORPG set in an open world battle arena where players combat each for supremacy. Join with your friends or fight alone, with abilities that require skill to use successfully.

These are the details of the Hotfix 1.0.1 that will be implemented. Please check out our list of known issues before playing and reporting bugs.

Performance Improvements
Major performance improvement: There are no more lag spikes when large numbers of mobs spawn at the same time.
Major performance improvement: Massively reduced the base load of the game servers, leading to a smoother experience.
Balanced quality settings are no longer capped at 30 FPS.

Map Changes
Fixed some holes in the environment colliders that separate world map areas from each other.
Removed the invisible collider on the eastern map unlock (debris) in the swamp.
Meteorites and carcasses do not spawn outside of the game world anymore.
Meteorites and carcasses should not spawn in ruins anymore.

Usability Changes
Fixed a number of smaller localization issues.
Identical popup messages do not open multiple times in a row.
Added a cancel button to the server selection screen.
Changed the layout of the controls window.
Added a message that notifies you when you cannot log in due to being banned.

1)Fixed a bug that prevented some Linux users from confirming their email addresses.
2)Fixed a bug that prevented Steam users with special signs in their nicknames from logging into a game world.
3)Fixed a bug where characters migrating over from a dead game world did not get resurrected anymore.
4)You should get stuck in buildings like the Dojo less often.
5)Made sure that players have an easier time getting unstuck.
6)Fixed a bug that made some chat tabs unselectable (Whisper).
7)Fixed a bug where some servers were greyed out in server selection unnecessarily.
8)Fixed a bug where some players could not leave broken “ghost clans” and join new clans anymore.
9)Disabled some developer hotkeys that could confuse players by disabling the HUD.
10)Fixed a bug that scrolled all text windows with the mouse wheel instead of only the active one.
11)Fixed a bug where a loot window would open multiple times while you walk away from the containing entity.
12)Fixed a bug that prevented meteorites and carcasses to be looted by everybody in their last phase.

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