The New ArcheAge 3.0

For the month of December, we have compiled a collection of MMOs for you to play and to enjoy from a variety of different publishers and companies. This is the final month of 2016, so let’s look forward to the upcomging games of 2017~!

ArcheAge 3.0 (Releases on December 10th)

As we all know ArcheAge has gone through a rough time of players leaving, recurring P2W aspects in the cash-shop, and gambling with RNG. This is more than enough to turn off many players from this game, however they will be releasing a brand new fresh start server with this upcoming content patch. In order to participate on the fresh-start server you will have to create a brand new account to avoid previous attempts of fresh start servers failing. Now on with the new update; they are releasing two new races, the Warborn and Dwarves, long awaited Abyssal Skills, which add new and flashy skills to one of your current skillsets, and many new housing areas to give everyone a fair shot at the expected land rush.

The two new races, Warborn and Dwarf, have special racial abilities like no other. Both have transformation skills which let the Dwarves turn into a Mech, and the Warborn turn into Demon like creatures. Transforming gives you a new hotbar with many different skills. These skills will be benificial with your new rotation along bringing your charcater a new depth to them.

Abyssal Skills are new end-game abilities provide a path to continue progression once a character has reached maximum level in a skill tree. Only one of a character’s three active trees can have the abyssal skillset enabled at a time. Another skill balance pass will occur with the update and I suspect we’ll see a shift in popular classes do to each skillset having cool new abilities.

Many new quality of life changes such as an updated character creation, family system changes, and new housing areas.

There will be a new Naval PvP area where ten players can go up against each other to battle each other’s ship, along with a new battleground in Mistsong Dungeon allows a 12v12 group to battle against each other.

You can also fight the Thunderwing Titan, which is an aerial world boss, meaning you have to fly around on a glider to take it down. This world boss is located in the zone of Reedwind.

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