The terriable Weekend of WOT

I can tolerate a certain amount of stupidity, but not the amount I have experienced these past few days. I literally never want to touch this game again on a weekend.

Wednesday was a typical WOT day where I won a little over half the games played representing my stats. Thursday was a good day where I won significantly more than half my games. But when Friday came along, everything changed.


What I experienced this weekend was a complete lack of teamwork, hyper-aggressiveness from the opposing team and my team shitting their brain out of their pants crumbling like a stale old cookie allowing the light tanks to kill all of the artillery and spot almost my whole team and safely going back to their base with no damage taken all while I am trying to advance into a tactical position away from the base, losing their [edited]when they are the last person alive along with me getting frozen in position ignoring my advice, having every single game get turned into a 1v5 even though I have killed at least 3 people per game clearing the side I went to, having my entire team (lemming train) get rolled over by 1/3 of the enemy team, enemies sitting in petty spots i.e. base camping killing me and my low health teammates because we actually went out of the base and progressed the game, full health enemies in the final minutes of matches, people talking about things that are irrelevant to the game not helping the communication for tactical advances, slow starts where my team would sit in the base and by the time I would get set up in the standard position to defend I would get bum rushed by the enemy team and killed, etc. This is acceptable in small amounts, but when it is EVERY game I play, there is a problem.

All of the aforementioned things combined with my extremely poor RNG this weekend makes the game unbearable. My suggestion is making a modifier for standard play that if you have a win rate of 51% or more you are more likely to be paired with people who also have 51% more win rate and visa versa (just an example). This solution would lower the total imbalance of teams in regards to skill level allowing for more competitive matches. Group the bad players with other bad players and group the good players with the good players with a few outliers here and there not making the majority of games come down to the one or two good players on the team having to win it all for their majority crap teammates.

Having almost 10k games played, this past weekend has lowered my win rate from 53.94% to 53.66%, which should not happen relative to the amount of games played (~100 games) when I should be winning almost 54% of my games when I can tell you that I probably had a win ratio of 20-30%.

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