The three difficulty levels of Guild War 2

I’m a huge fan of the old video-games. I grew up with NES and SNES and loved RPGs and Jump&Runs equally. I always enjoyed the idea of selecting a personal difficulty level, to make the game either easier or more challenging. GW2 still is a videogame and I truly beleive we do have the three difficulty levels – easy, medium and hard.


That is basically what the OP called “noob builds.” Most people call them metas. Predefined setups of character-class, equipment, passives and skills with recommended rotations. The least ammount of flexibilty and free will, for the highest efficiency and the lowest chance of failure and defeat. As in the old games, the easy mode only grants you access to the basics. A narrowed view of what is possible. You get an idea of the whole thing, but nothing more. A demo if you say so.


This allows you to select between most classes, pick up an own setup, create own gear with unique stats and use a lot more passives and skills than on easy mode. As with the other games, there is ofcourse a greater chance of defeat and failure. But you have access to a big part of the game. Also as in the old games, playing on medium requires experience and some detailed knowledge. Or you die a lot. You may never be as quick as on easy. Still you do rely on common sense, calculate your stats and make your decisions upon your own feeling of what is good or not. Some possibilities are still locked as they look just horribly stupid, even to you.


This grants you access to everything. You can use every class, every skill, every piece of gear you like and give a kitten about efficienty. Sadly this mode grants you access to the largest pool of failures and defeats. People who play on hard, often use additional handicaps, like playing without runes, or ignoring the recommended group size. You can play as a pink rabbit armed with a toothpick and a voodoo-doll, soloing arah 4. But wether you survive depends on your skill alone.

Just choose your difficulty level wisely and keep in mind on what scale the others play. So you won’t have a reason to complain. (this is my opinion)

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