The top 3 characters they use in Overwatch

She seems that way to the OP because she’s a good counter for the top 3 characters they use.

Pharah has low health so don’t engage D’Va at close range.

Widowmaker will lose at close range too. When D’Va comes to shut you down run away and reposition.

Soldier 76 is pretty strong if you see D’Va first and start gunning for the big Headshot Box in the middle of her body… but remember to fire in bursts to minimise bullet drop. Watch out because you can drop your health pack but D’Va can bump you out of it.

The best way to combat D’Va is to present her with more than 1 target.

The moment you double team her you have the chance to cause her to 2nd guess her target while the 2 of you maintain fire upon her depleting that larger health bar quickly to the point of forcing a retreat or blowing her Mech.

Also when you see D’Va being pocketed by Mercy… D’Va is not your target, but be careful because that Mercy is being protected by her.

Hope that’s some help.

So I logged on Winston into a skirmish to experiment with his abilities. Saw a member of the other team. Waved hello. He waved hello back. We started goofing off.

Then our Pharahs went flying overhead, making everything explode as they furiously tried to kill each other in mid-air. Then the rest of his team jumped me and totally crushed Winston.

Respawn. Peek out the door… entire other team is now griefing anybody that comes out of our spawn, killing them immediately. Apparently they don’t realize that you’re invulnerable when you’re sitting behind the yellow line in spawn.

Change to Bastion. Shift to turret while sitting behind yellow line. Create panic in other team by tearing them apart as they futilely fire into the spawn area, probably confused as to why the omnic wasn’t going boom. Carnage ensued.

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