Things GTA V did better than GTA IV

Ok, so today I’ve watched that famous video “GTA IV is better than GTA V” highly appreciated in the thread of the same name and I’ve got something to say for those who pray to the author and the GTA IV itself.

1. You get closer to the people in V and they go away/curse/arrest you (if it was cops).

Bullsh*t. Don’t walk RIGHT UP TO the peds and they will be staying/sitting just where they are and you can even talk to them. In GTA IV you can’t. Now imagine you’re hanging out with your girl/boyfriend in the street when some f*cking freak just gets close to you without a word. What are you going to do? Keep staying like nothing happens, like this man is invisible or something? Oh, and another thing (about the very first scene of this video). Just try to get closer to the cops silently in U.S. some day. Especially if you’re well-built, tall male. Good luck with that!

2. 5:56. AGAIN. Imagine, you’re a driver, staying at the red light, minding your own business, until some dumbass with a gun comes up pointing his gun at you. I’m 200% sure you will hit the gas and drive the f*ck away from this crazy asshole, or what? Are you serious, YOU WILL OPEN THE DOOR, GET OUT OF YOUR VEHICLE WITH YOUR HANDS UP AND RUN? Lol.

3. 8:49. “Cannot survive explosions”, very first try and he… survived! Lol. Stay a little bit further from the nade in V and you’ll survive. Just get a little bit closer to the nade in IV and you’ll be dead. Actually he proved it himself in this video at 13:28.

4. 12:42. IV has police side missions, V has not.
Well, V has taxi side missions, IV has not.

5. 13:45. So what? We can see that Franklin has “wet animations” too. Nice, calm animations, btw. And Niko acts like a psychopat when it’s raining. Like it is acid rain, lol.

6. Yeah, nice, you can enter and buy some food or drinks in Burger Shots and Cluckin Bells in IV. In 5 you can do the same in 24/7 shops. Hospital interior in IV – police station interior in V. What’s the problem?

So I guess everyone have seen this video response as well

This video is gorgeous!

Ok, IRL, I’ve never tried to have a ride staying on the top of the truck or subway train. And, I guess, I’d fall, just like in IV, but cmon guys, it’s a game! And in V, we can have fun this way. In IV we can’t. 4:26 – ISN’T IT NICE?

So, for those “IV great car handling” fans:
7:19, if you guys think this is great, you probably have never driven a real car.

In the end, when this “We were set up” theme started playing at 8:06 I got CHILLS! Damn, IV fans, you must admit this guy just f*cked you up! But don’t get all this wrong, i love both of the games, I have been playing IV for years, just like any other GTA, since the GTA 2. Both IV and V have shortcomings. Bugs. Glitches. But overall, GTA V is better. Much better graphics, much better safehouses, plus cars, characters and weapons customization, so many details, storyline missions are great, better than IV’s, more various and interesting than IV’s. So when I overcome my FPS drops, V will definitely be my favorite game ever!

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