Trion Worlds Unintentionally Implies that ArcheAge Is Pay-to-Win

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ArcheAge was launched as a F2P title in September 2014 in North America and Europe. Despite its F2P label, the game’s business model was accussed of being P2W. ArcheAge will release the Revelation expansion, aka ArcheAge 3.0, on December 10th. A player in community asked Trion Worlds about the upcoming Revelation pack which can be preordered now:

Are there packs available to buy for the fresh start servers? Or no to prevent people from having an advantage over each other?

And Trion responded:
Great question — No, this pack is for Legacy Servers only. The Fresh Start servers will have a different pack available at launch that’s focused on cosmetics not power or P2W. We want to make sure everyone playing on the fresh start server has an even playing field.

The response was interpreted by the community that Trion admitted ArcheAge was pay-to-win. Trion stressed that the Fresh Start servers won’t be P2W, and hopefully they will make sure they remain non-P2W.

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