Trove | Second class ability on the way

Trove is the best game i ever played because it something like sword art online and i really am a fan of sao and my friend suggested me a game and bam i started playing trove i wish i can get the neon dragon or something atleast

me and meh friend were looking for another game that would make us busy for a long time and as well as being fun to play and that is until we find trove ever since that we’ve been playing it for month and not to mention that the the game itself was free to play.

I’ve been playing trove for the last 2 weeks, and I’m absolutely loving it man! not to mention you’ve been kinda my go to guide for this game and it’s really helped me understand the twists and turns, thank you for your videos and doing you, I’ll definitely be sticking around, peace!

I’ve been loving your content recently with you Xbox PS4 and pc schedule. I think you really funny and have some interesting content. I’m 5k PR but can’t afford to buy chests so I have the basic wings and mount other than the badge one. But I would really appreciate it if I won anything.

One of the best game I’ve played and I’ve spent quite a few hours just farming ore and dungeons and I’ve also been helping my friends and brother get further in the game.

For me the game is still fresh probably because I just hit 5000 and didn’t start playing this game till it was on console. The only thing that I’m getting frustrated about is my class gem. Right now I’m a 5300 shadow hunter but don’t have a class gem key or any fragments.

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