Warmane: Supremus Guide towards the Black Temple

Supremus is usually an enormous Abyssal and the second boss in Black Temple. The fight is a battle for survival. After dropping this boss, the next 4 bosses (Shade of Akama, Teron Gorefiend, Reliquary of Souls and Gurtogg Bloodboil) might be killed in any order.

Any standard raid composition will do. 1 principal tank and at the very least 1 off the tank with high overall health are needed. 2-3 healers need to be around the principal tank, two healers on the off tank(s), plus the other healers on the raid.

No special resistance gear is needed, while fire harm in the volcanoes is resistible. As the enrage timer is generous, some guilds might uncover it beneficial to stack fire resistance should really their principal difficulty be people dying in volcanoes.


Throughout this phase, the fight is a standard tank and spank. Raid members have to move to prevent the molten flames.
So that you can absorb the hateful strikes, at the least one off tank (improved two) must stay in melee range all the time. Since the hateful strikes can happen irregularly (and occasionally in rather a rapid succession), the healers have to be alert and swiftly bring up all tanks. The main tank must possess the highest well being, for the reason that if a single from the off-tanks has a greater base HP, it really is attainable that Supremus ignores that off-tank and hits an individual else using a hateful strike alternatively.

As of two.four, the hitbox of Supremus is larger than his melee variety, therefore melee damage dealers not designated as off tanks can hit him from outside his melee variety, and be that way safe from all hateful strikes. This also increases security from molten flames. The designated off tanks should stand closer to Supremus, to be sure they’re eligible targets for hurtful strikes. The OTs should really stand away from the other melee classes, to ensure that Supremus have to turn to deal a hateful strike.
Just after 60 seconds, Supremus switches to phase two. Melee DPS must run away from Supremus a couple of seconds just before the commencement of phase 2 to prevent getting also close in case they’re the very first focus of Supremus’ Gaze.

Equivalent to Thaladred the Darkener at Kael’thas, Supremus sets his gaze on a random raid member and walks toward them at about 90% of standard run speed. If he catches his target, he melees it which commonly indicates a one-hit kill on most raid members.
In the event the target of his gaze is inside roughly 40 yards, he occasionally hits it using a ranged attack, which bargains ~5k physical damage and offers a knockback (commonly away from Supremus). If the gaze target is further away than 40 yards, he dashes at about 5 occasions the standard run speed till the variety is about 20 yards.
There is certainly insufficient room to kite him within a straight line when he’s dashing, so the targets ought to try to either remain within 40 yards (to prevent dashing) or not kite him in a linear path.

Apart from the Molten Flames (which nonetheless spawn throughout Phase two), compact volcanoes appear randomly on best of people. The volcanoes deal substantial AoE damage even ahead of they’re completely visible, it’s a fantastic idea not to stay immobile in larger groups to get a extended time. Minor Speed or one of its variations like Boar’s Speed is encouraged for this fight.
Phase 2 continues for 60 seconds, using a gaze adjust about just about every ten seconds in the event the target will not die. Precisely the same individual can gaze twice within a row, and totems are valid gaze targets. For unknown factors, some players may not be valid gaze targets. These players can get a gaze but Supremus switches to a different target inside a second.
When kiting Supremus, the substantial obstructions inside the upper a part of the area need to be avoided. Players have to not climb on them, and runners should give them a wide berth due to the fact it is doable for him to have stuck on the structures, which causes him to evade (while nonetheless spawning volcanoes), that is an incredibly undesirable state of affairs. It truly is also possible for him to quickly teleport anybody outside of his capacity to reach to his feet, which may be extremely nasty. This could also occur if he knocks his gaze target up onto a wall. Travel Form and Ghost Wolf are hugely advisable in this phase.

There is no aggro table for Phase two, and an aggro wipes when he switches back to Phase 1. Classes with DoT spells need to be cautious that their DoTs have finished ahead of the switch back to Phase 1, or they might draw aggro. A paladin tank could be valuable in picking up Supremus right after the phase transition, as it is often a demon and can be hit by Exorcism at the variety.

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