What Do You Feel About the Diablo 3 Auction House

AH? perhaps if the itemization were different, more diverse, more interesting, and crazy low drop rate.

nothing really needs to be said as it will never happen. but i am bored, so:

as it is now… for example, if you equip the best ancient scarbringer, and the worst ancient scarbringer, you wont notice much difference.

and say, if the droprate were low, it would kinda suck to struggle to collect items that would allow you to only play the game one specific way.

the AH didnt bother me much…. the way things are now…. things too easy to get, dont need to trade, and builds are too specific.

i dont care if they allow trade or AH or boe. i just would like better itemization and more diversity. as it is now, trade and ah and all that dont matter at all, as collecting items is pointless (in terms of progression), collecting items is only good for goofing around and wasting your time…. know what i mean? why have an AH, in a loot based game, so every monk (or whatever) can get the exact same weapon, to play the exact same build….

thats how it is now, but now it sorta makes sense as its not much of a loot hunt rpg game anymore, but more just a a competitive action sort of affair….

they could just remove loot all together, and let you pick a ‘archon firebird wiz’ or ‘mangle gen monk’ in the character selection, and the game would be exactly the same for most people. look at any leaderboard, they are all the same. as are (i dunno) 80% of the people you run into in public games. every class has perhaps 2 progression builds, and 2 farming builds, and 20 goof around in t7 builds, and 100 goof around in t2 builds.

some things are sorta better now, and also sorta worse. i like that items now do more interesting things. but, when the AH existed, the good items you used didnt lock you into a build, that was kinda nice, too.

dunno why its so hard for them to make more items that do interesting things, and buff existing items, and stronger items that dont do interesting things, have the best of both worlds. then, ya, AH or trade, sure, i dont care. but now, pointless.

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