What If No money and no time to farm in Lineage 2

No money and no time to farm. If someone does not have these two things playing at any game be not possible ^^

For me of course you can back at any time.

First of all you need to pick proper class. Damage dealers are most expensive to dress up and needs an active support to play a pvp and pve. I do not recommend start this game as tank or damage dealer. Paper tank can’t be usefull, also damage dealer without damage. No one needs these two class without proper gear.
Healer do not need an end-game equipment on good ++ to be usefull in mid pvp or even end-game pve. Same is with enchanters. They can be usefull in party even without expensive items.

Second choise is to find a proper clan and proper cp, shouldn’t be too strong. When you join somewhere just do your job. Do not try to be a best friend for them. Just play for self and watch them. If they are like you of course you can stay with them, time will let you feel like a part of the small family. But if not, if they do not try get a better equipment, do not improve theirs eq and skills, leave it and find something on a bit higher level. Other case you will stuck and disappear.

Third is to understand, that people which have an end-game equimpent spend for it a lot of euro or play this game few years. Do not care about them, do not watch them, just ignore and play your own game.

After 1 or 2 years you will learn a lot, know the community, get a good equipment (not the best), you can join to one of the top clan, where you can switch to the another level of your knowledge and equipment.

Just step by step and you will get all you want 🙂 Lineage 2 is not a game for 1 month, this game is for a years.

If do not like play a healer or enchanter make a Sahya’s Seer or Feoh Soultaker with dual class healer, focus first on dual class and gather equimpent for the main. Be the same so do not waste your time. There is many option to make a good main/duall composition. Depends of what you need.

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